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Rampage Secret Doors

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      I have a problem printing the secret doors. I printed three of them and all three of them broke while trying to stick them together. It is really tight and when i manage to push the inner piece all down, i cant rotate it and it breaks while trying. I know that it has only one correct orientation. Do i need to print it at insanely high details? I printed most of my tiles at 0.35 layer height for the speed. For the printed in frame doors (ornate doors) i already needed to go down to 0.28 for them to not break, but they work fine now. For the secret door i went down to 0.21 (which is the magic number for my printer, closest to the 0.2 that is recommended) and three walls with a lot of infill (the normal wall parts i print with 2 walls and almost no infill) but it was still too tight and i broke it. Am i doing something wrong? Or do i really need to go down to 0.14 or even 0.07mm layer height, which results in insanely long printing times?

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      I printed at .2 and they came out great. I don’t know if that helps you or not?

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      I’ve had problems with some minis and tiles being brittle even at 0.2 and even with 100% infill. What was recommended to me and seems to work decently is increasing the wall line count. Maybe that will help keep it from splitting.

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      Matt Barker

      @Benethor, The fit for the secret door is quite snug, You need to clean it up to make sure there is no debris around the socket or the pin.

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      Jo Boorer

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