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Profiles for a Reign of Arcane module

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      Nicholas Jebson

      I’m a huge fan of D&D 5e, so am stoked to say that we have started work on a module following the story of the Rise of the Halflings using the system! We thought we would release the D&D stats for the various units and creatures as we go so that we can get some feedback from you guys about what we should tweak. Generally, as the miniatures are released we hope to accompany them with the profiles and maybe a little scenario or two so you can drop them into your own home games.

      So far we have the Great Wyrm, Dragon Handlers and Forest Wyvern, Digglesby Burrower and the Great warlock available, as well as rules for magic items like the Archanical Devices and Bile Extractor. We even have some equipment there if your party manages to take the Dragon Goads or the Blunderbusses off the Halfling troopers.

      Comments and criticisms are most appreciated so that we can make a really great little module for you guys to play through. You can find all the profiles to download over in the Knowledgebase, under Supplement Downloads.

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