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Profile for Prusa i3 Mk3 – Sli3er

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      does anyone have a recommended profile for the Prusa i3Mk3? for Sli3er

      I have checked this link

      but its only showing the Old Settings for Cura,

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      Typically use Raft 4 layers, 0.2 and 10% infill, 210°C temp. I’m testing retraction and z-hop settings, and 99% extrusion but on the whole it’s pretty good out of the box.

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      If you have an original Prusa printer I would suggest the slic3rPE-Edition from the Prusa Homepage. . Settings for all prusa printers are included and automatically updating from the internet. For things from printablesceenery I use 2 shells and 5% infill at 0.2 mm layer height, it is enough. But I would suggest printing with cura. The settings are also to download from this page. The quality of the print is okay ( Slic3rPE is slightly better) and cura uses about 30% less filament in the out of the box settings. Only print parts which need support with slic3r, because of the better support in slic3r. For the first layer try 21mm print speed or lower in cura or slic3r. I do not use a brim, skirt is enough. The temperature is depending on your filament. I use PLA, it is cheeper then the others and provides good post printing abilities and it is paintable even without primer. Start trying temperatures between 210 and 215 degrees Celsius for the first layer and then between 205 and 210 degrees Celsius for the other layers.

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      For Terrain I use the .15 Speed or the .2 quality profiles depending on the detail of the terrain. I lower the “other layers” setting to 200-210 depending on the type of filament. Also, lower the extrusion multiplier to .97 or .95 depending on filament.

      For terrain I usually use Sunlu PLA. Sunlu prints well at 200 or 205 and .97.

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      I’m curious why everyone seems to print above 200C at 210C like sam suggested. Are there adhesion issues with the terrain at around 200C? New to printing here.

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      I’m using eSun Pro grey, 10% infill at .15 speed and getting VERY good results. First layer is @ 220 with the rest @ 200 and the board at 60 (I think the box states 220-260 so I’m way below rec on that). I’m in Florida and it’s crazy humid here but the setting work very well.

      I’m having first layer layer shift problems but it’s consistent so I’m fairly certain that’s a hardware issue I just can’t track down.

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      You can try slow down your first layer. With PLA, I usually recommend 210-215 on first layer and 200-210 on subsequent layers. I find it adheres better with a hotter temperature on the first layer. The humidity or heat of the room can cause problems with adhesion, but layer shift problems are usually to do with the mechanics of the printer. It maybe the belt slipping or drop in temperature causes the configuration of the printer bed to move.

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