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Problem Printing “Legs” of OpenLock tiles

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      Hello! A niggling problem I am having with my printer are the support areas in parts for the dungeon tile system. Specifically, I am having an issue where one of the legs are turning crappy – The perimeters aren’t straight and aren’t connected at all. This can be seen here . The top corner looks great, while the bottom one less so. I know that the better looking one coincides with where the layer starts (usually) but I am not sure what impact that would have. I am using Chep’s cura settings with the only difference being that the jerk settings are turned off. My printer is a stock CR10 mini. Thank you for any assistance! Also, I should point out that all the “straight aways” look fine and have connected perimeters. Its just the more complicated bits where I am getting separation, which makes me think its a settings issue instead of a problem with my unit itself.

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