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Printing Small FDM pieces: The Shadowfey Impaled Skeletons

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      Mike Los

      Some smaller miniatures, like furniture and skeletons require a little bit of tweaking of your printer settings to print successfully.

      The iconic and macabre Impaled Skeletons from the Shadowfey look great and really set the scene for horror-themed games.
      We have a few handy tips when it comes to printing them, particularly for FDM printers.

      For resin printing, we recommend you use the pre-supported files that come in the download pack. However, these supports are thin for FDM printers.

      To print them in FDM using Cura slicer, firstly rotate the model on the Y-axis so the skeleton is facing up.
      Next, rotate it on the X-axis 30 degrees, so it is on a diagonal angle (we suggest turning on snap rotation).
      For printer settings, most of your normal printer settings should be fine for temperature, speed, and build plate temperature.
      The main difference would be to set the layer height at 0.1mm for small, finely detailed minis.
      Otherwise, add supports touching buildplate with a Support Angle Overhang of 50.
      Lastly, add a Raft for Build Plate Adhesion to ensure it doesn’t fall over when printing!

      These tips should see you printing an array of impaled skeletons in no time at all!

      When it comes to affixing the skeletons to the rest of your terrain, the default diameter for the pales is 3mm. We attached ours with the purchase of a 3mm drill bit.
      Simply choose where you’d like the pale to go and drill a hole! Keep in mind, this is a permanent fix, so be sure to size up where you’d like them to go before you drill into your terrain!

      If you have any further questions, ideas or solutions please share them!

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