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Printing floors rotated 90 degrees

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      Has anyone tried rotating floor sections 90 degrees around x or y axes, so you can fit more on the build plate? Does it print ok?

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      Yes, I’ve printed a tonne of them this way, You get a little stringing inside the tile but the detail on the outside can be a lot better. Print with a raft and align your floor tiles in parallel with the print bed motor and you should be all good.

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      Do you need to adjust the printing or bed temps at all when trying to print multiple objects? I know you aren’t printing the items one at a time on a multi model plater like shown above. So I am assuming it does all 6 or 10 you have sliced each layer at the same time.

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      I tried printing them this way and when trying to remove the supports from the sides of the tile, it caused the bottom of the tile to break. Any suggestions on how to avoid that from happening?

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