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Part for all models

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      It would be nice to have a count on how many of each part you need for a completed model. The inventory pics are great but a count would help when setting up the production table.

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      Usually to print a model it’s one of every part in the base directory of the zip file you download. Occasionally we will include variants or small printer parts, but they are usually in a separate folder.

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      I have to say this is particularly an issue for the ships with all the rigging pieces. It would be nice to have a jpg with all the pieces laid out and labeled (unconstructed).

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      Collect all the pieces printed by 3D printer. Then join them to form the figure. Sometimes a problem arises that we can not join them correctly. This is due to the faulty 3D printer output. Check them properly if it gives a faulty output or not. Learn about the working process and type of output from a facebook article. It will make easy to collect all printed pieces correctly.

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