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Overhangs the The Fluyt


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      Brian Etty

      Hey all,

      I noticed when I am printing the Fluyt ( and probably any other ship) that the lower section of the ship were the overhangs are present as showing some serious drooping. I get this with and without supports.

      This is on my Prusa I3 Mk3. All other parts are smooth and great, but the first part of the model where it is swelling out are not doing so well.

      Any ideas on this would be appreciated.

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      Same here!

      Design is pretty aggressive on overhangs and the wood texture is really deep.

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      Followed the tip to use Cura’s “make overhangs printable.” Mostly works. Produces some more or less workable smearing around the textures and banding on the ship. Also messes with the connecting pin-holes on interior spaces.

      Sigh. Not a perfect solution.. very “hobby” quality.

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