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Overhang Curling


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      R. Greg Szrama

      I’ve been trying a few different things here, but my searches on the internet aren’t turning up anything helpful. Very frequently on overhangs where the material is thin it curls at the edge. Sometime is fine other than making unsightly parts that I have to clean up. The roof here for the Port tavern walkway, though, is giving me real fits. The extruder caught on the curling edge here making the belts slip and the print is thrown off.

      Basically, I’m looking for any advice on eliminating this overhang curling. Is my extruder too hot? Too little fan? Too much or too little bed heat?

      I’m using a Monoprice Ultimate with Plexiglass enclosure. The filament is Hatchbox PLA at 200 C extruder and 60 C bed. Fan speed is 50% by layer 10 with .2mm layer height. I’m printing on borosilicate glass with a light coating of glue stick to ensure adhesion. Here I’m trying the tree support from Cura which I’ve had luck with on other prints but no dice here.

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      With anything I usually visit this site to go to for any problems:

      You might need to look at your retraction settings, Fan cooling and Z-hopping.

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