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More Bundles Please

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      Donald Judd

      I know you usually do bundles for Kickstarter, but more bundle specials would be awesome. I’d rather drop a larger sum of money on a whole bundle of post apocalyptic scenery, or dungeon terrain than try to figure out which piece I want to buy this week, or weather a particular building really works well with another building.

      Shadowfey Ruins, Ruined Winterdale I and II, and Clorehaven are simply awesome bundles. More please!

      For the record, I think I have a minor addiction to your scenery and am considering rehab.

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      Nicholas Jebson

      We can certainly look to see what other products deserve to be bundled. At least it’s a wholesome addiction with a great pay-off. I feel the same about Wargaming Miniatures, though luckily I have managed to minimize my pile of shame.:D

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      I’m here for post-kickstarter bundles. I’m late to the printable scenery party and the task of going through and adding all the models I want to print to my cart is daunting. I don’t even expect a discount, but it certainly would be nice to have one for themed bundles. I’m more inclined to buy them all in a bundle than the endless “add-to-cart” dance. I feel like I’m being punished for wanting it all, and missing the kickstarter, as silly as that sounds.

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      Kevin Walker

      Very much in agreement! Even if just to keep the bundles that are typically offered post KS. I can pick up a number at once, but hate wondering if I can build some of the examples shown from KSs without having to search high and low.

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      i would totally be in for a clorehaven bundle, but as of right now its really expensive OR you HAVE to buy terrain tinker which i dont want to do right now after just getting a printer going.

      im sure alot of other noobies are in the same boat.

      Thanks !

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