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Messy Printing On Sides of “The Wreck”

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      David Miller

      Hi there, I am looking for some help to diagnose this issue. I have printed on my Ender 3 Pro with a lot of success, and purchased “The Wreck” yesterday. After printing, there is a lot of ‘drooping’ filament spots and it is very messy on the outsides. I am pretty certain this isn’t supposed to be like this. Does anyone have any insight on what is going on here? Thank you!

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      David Miller

      I noticed that my fan was making a strange sound, so it may be that the filament isn’t cooling properly after extrusion. Does this seem right?

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      Kevin Walker

      That would be my guess here. My failures when I accidentally turned off the fan for cooling the extruded element or had an issue with the fan had a similar look (or when I was testing and ran it too high).

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      Nicholas Jebson

      Yeah, that sort of waxy running is definitely the material not cooling properly, leading it to sag and warp. Had exactly the same thing happen when my Wanhao’s fan blade broke and didn’t notice for 2 prints (and was trying to work out what was wrong)

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