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Messy Printing On Sides of “The Wreck”

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      AvatarDavid Miller

      Hi there, I am looking for some help to diagnose this issue. I have printed on my Ender 3 Pro with a lot of success, and purchased “The Wreck” yesterday. After printing, there is a lot of ‘drooping’ filament spots and it is very messy on the outsides. I am pretty certain this isn’t supposed to be like this. Does anyone have any insight on what is going on here? Thank you!

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      AvatarDavid Miller

      I noticed that my fan was making a strange sound, so it may be that the filament isn’t cooling properly after extrusion. Does this seem right?

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      AvatarKevin Walker

      That would be my guess here. My failures when I accidentally turned off the fan for cooling the extruded element or had an issue with the fan had a similar look (or when I was testing and ran it too high).

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