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Matching Town Square Tiles to Buildings!

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      Mike Los

      A few people have been asking which building base fits on which Town Square Tile so we’ve put together this quick guide.

      Town Square Tile A fits the Tower Base (Tower and Barracks)

      Town Square Tile B fits the Mdeium building base (Guildhall and Chieftain’s Hall)

      Town Square Tile C fits the Small base (Cottage and Homestead)

      Town Square Tile D fits the large building base (Tavern and Longhouse)
      Tiles E and F are blank to use as you would like.
      The center part between the four squares also fits the fountain quite nicely!

      Happy Printing everyone!

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      Monique Hammond

      That’s really helpful
      Thank you

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      thanks for post!

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      thanks bro

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