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Magic Mushroom Clusters

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    I am having an issue with printing the magic mushroom clusters.

    When I first tried to print it, the mushroom came off the print bed during the print. I tried again when using a raft to support the print and the stem of the mushroom snapped. I tried it at 60% infill but I notice the stem moves a lot during the print. Anyone else having issues with this or advice of what I may be doing wrong?

    I have printed almost everything else from the goblin grotto set without issue.

    Thanks for any help!

    Sam CampbellSam Campbell

    Sounds like it maybe under-extruding if it’s snapping. You might also have a look at your travel and jerk speeds and whether the nozzle is hitting the model to knock it over.


    Thank you for the response!

    It does seem to me that the nozzle in hitting the model at a certain point. Can you tell me a bit more about travel or jerk speeds and how I might prevent the nozzle from hitting the model?

    Thank you very much!

    Sam CampbellSam Campbell

    Have a look at this troubleshooting guide .

    It’s going to be different steps you may need for different printers and slicers.

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