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Living the Ender life

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      Fern Campbell

      Hey there folks,

      I’m just jumping into the forums for the first time today, but hoping to be fairly active here. I’m currently looking after 4 Ender 3s, and printing Printable Scenery products as fast as the teething issues will let me!

      I touched my first 3D printer (a Prusa i3 Mk3) in February this year, so I’m about as green as they come, but I’m dead keen on getting these Enders printing nicely.

      So far, I’ve had to print out Z motor spacers, filament guides (yeah, my filament ate through the extruder arms), extruder wheels (omg so useful!) and a few odd cable clips etc, and installed glass beds.

      I also had to learn to program an Arduino Uno and a Pi 3B+ with Octopi.

      Today is all about solid bed mounts and trying out the EZABL (once I get the mount printed) and installing TH3D Unified firmware.

      Any and all tips you have would be most appreciated, but I’m also happy to answer any questions.

      Nice to meet you all!

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      Fern Campbell

      Installing the TH3D firmware wasn’t too bad, but I found their instructions a little lacking. However, I now have a flashed printer, all ready to go for my EZABL. All I need to do is print out the mount on one of my spares, and I can update on progress.

      I’m going to print out the stock CR-10/Ender3 mount for the moment. Maybe later when I have some PETG, I might print out a fan shroud and let you know how that goes

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