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Issue with Heavy Door


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      When I print the heavy door (TRP-A-Door-v1.3) it does not seem to fit into the slot on the arch (TRP-A-Heavy-Arch-v2.0). It seems like the door is to deep for the slot. Anyone else have this problem or come up with a solution?

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      Donald Judd

      I came to the forums today to discuss the same thing. I am about to try printing one at 90% on the Y-axis (which in my case is the thickness), and 100% on the other axis’ and I’ll let you know how that goes. But yes, the inserts seem think and don’t fir very well for me either.

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      Donald Judd

      90% thickness and 100% on the other axis’ is perfect. Slides in and out easily, without feeling loose.

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