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Infill suggestion for solid buildings?

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      I’m planning to print the solid version of Governors Mansion from Lost island with 5% infill setting. Is that enough to print a solid building?

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      Depends on your printer and printer settings. By setting to a low infill means that longer bridges will be made. So whether layers will sag (areas soley lying on infill for support like ceilings) is dependent on your setup unfortunately. I would suggest print a test piece. Otherwise I would recommend 10%.

      5% will mean that it prints slightly faster, but you lose weight and rigidity, so it’s up to you.

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      Thank you, printed with 10% and it’s runs well ATM.

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      DaVoice is right, you loose weight and rigidity. But you save material. It´s okay. I print nearly everything from PS with 2 outer Lines and 5% infill. Just try

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      It is a beautiful machine and I would very much like to try [url=]assurance funerailles[/url] and give feedback because many ask for it.

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      Nicholas Jebson

      I have mine set at 10% infil, but depending on the section i might increase the infil if i want to make an area stronger (like a fireplaces flue). This is super easy to do on Prussa but a little more complicated for Cura

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