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I have ideas galore.

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      Mike Melander

      So I guess I posted these suggestions in the wrong area – openlock designers because of the first statement about wanting ideas in that topic.
      As I stated there, I create a wide variety of openlock terrain which I post on Thingiverse for free, but because I don’t enable any way for people to pay me and I have a job outside of 3-D print designs I don’t have time to create many of my ideas. I have created a list of over 80 items that I wouldn’t mind having, but here is a start.

      1) Open Bazaar with interconnected stalls or sales areas. I am sure you can think of all the magic and armor and food and other items that you could have that could be easily interconnected in a Medieval Bazaar
      2) Shops of all types.
      3) More emphasis on interconnected tunnels going in all directions. I created stackable sewer tiles on Thingiverse, but I am sure you can get quite a few of your own ideas.
      4) More Egyptian themed structures. Imagine a stackable pyramid with different passages and tombs inside. Again I have created my own walls and flooring of Egyptian styles on Thingiverse, but I am sure that you can come up with more elaborate designs than my simple stone work.
      5) Desert terrain.

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      All good suggestions,

      1. We’re having a look at this as part of next kickstarter.
      2. see point 1 😉
      3. We’ve done some of this with 2 dimensional directions with some of the new scatter terrain such as the Elven groves and the Dark Caverns, multilevel is where it gets interesting.
      4. A very cool suggestion.
      5. we have some scifi and wild west desert terrain

      Sci-Fi Settlement Bundle

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        Mike Melander

        Interesting. Was not aware of these designs. It doesn’t come up with the search option desert. I was thinking more arabian type buildings including, of course your large tents.

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      Somebody else was suggesting some Arabian nights terrain.

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