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Gnarly First Layer for Gnarly Trees

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      Trying to print the canopies for the Gnarly Trees and inevitably it the nozzle keeps ripping up the first layer of the 4-5 feet that start the canopy. I’ve tried slowing basically every parameter down but no luck. Any ideas?

      Prusa MK3S+ and PrusaSlicer

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      Mike Stuckless

      I have issues with Canopy number two one of the parts on the first few layers always gets lifted off the bed. Every other section is fine just the same one every time. I feel like when it prints there is a part left too high and the nozzle hits it.

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      Nicholas Jebson

      We have had one or two people mention adhesion issues with the number 2 canopy. We are looking at possible fix’s but in the mean time we recommend a raft for the piece to increase adhesion or the use of a bed-glue or hairspray top aid with adhesion.

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