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Getting Grid Lines on Tiles

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    Hey everyone,

    Just got a 3D printer and planning to start DMing for my group on the side of our main campaign. Many of the tiles are excellent for creating dungeons because of the, already made, 1-inch repeating grid they have (Rampage Castle parts). However, not every tile type seems to have this, like the caverns. Has anyone come up with a creative means to represent the standard D&D grid over their tiles? I thought about using a Sharpe, but that takes away from the excellent look that they have/


    Hi Matt,

    maybe this will help you.
    It’s a simple overlay template you can put over a 2×2 tile.
    Use an air brush and a color of your choice (that offers a good contrast to the surface) to get a fine dashed line on your dungeon tile.
    Haven’t tried it yet, but I will test it in a few days.

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    That actually looks awesome! I’ll put it on my “want to try” list, if you get one finished up I would love to see a photo!

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