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Gardeners Guild for the Reign of Arcane Module.

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      Nicholas Jebson

      The Gardeners Guild is one of the most well-regarded groups in all of Wollockshire, holding a lot of political sway amongst the general citizenry. They are masters at the art of gardening, knowing all about their charges that can be taught, and more. Though the Warlocks write them off as a quaint guild from a long-past time, the gardeners have used this to their advantage, eavesdropping on important conversations. Should a party manage to convince them to start fighting back against the Warlock’s oppression, they would find a strong ally in the guild.

      The Gardeners excel at dealing with plant-based enemies, as they know exactly how to help or hurt plants thanks to their years of tending to the gardens. They are also deceptively stealthy, able to listen in on people when they are being careless. You can find more out about the Gardeners Guild over on the supplements page in the Knowledgebase:

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