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Fantasy Football Pitch OpenLock issues

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      Michael Frederick


      I bought the Fantasy Football Pitch set of files and am having issues utilizing the OpenLock system with it. I have printed 2 of “EA-TRP-35mm-RoughStoneFloor” (Rough Stone Floor Tiles) from the 35mm Tiles folder as well as 1 of the “OpenLOCK Clip-35mm v5.3” (OpenLock clip). I did not scale either of the pieces from the default that loaded from the STL file itself. However, the clip seems like it is way too big to fit into any of the gaps on the tile itself. Is there a step I am missing in order for the clip to connect into the tiles? Do I need to resize the clip from the default in the STL file? If so to what value to match the RoughStoneFloor tiles I have printed?


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      Download this one, maybe it will help.

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      Nicholas Jebson

      I believe we have resolved this one XD. OP had not removed the supports from the OpenLOCK port and was trying to get the clips into the gaps between them. A common enough error that was easily remedied.

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