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Ender 3 Jerking

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    Sam CampbellSam Campbell

    Have noticed some layer shifting problems with Ender 3s and these seem mainly due to belts needing to be tightened, Slowing down some of the speeds and acceleration and also making sure the bed is level.

    AvatarBrian Etty

    One odd thing that happened to me on this was that my Nozzle was not completely tight and the overflow would eventually hit the part I was printing cause the layer to shit, but it would nock loose the extra filament so it wasn’t easily visible. So make sure you put your nozzle on when the printer is heated and its snug.


    In general the layer shifting on the Ender 3 is belt related. But there has also been some speculation that it could be something in Cura 4.0 (if you are using it) that is causing some issues. I think they were talking about it recently on Facebook in “The Tabletop 3D Printing Guild” group.

    Sam CampbellSam Campbell

    ,,,And now I’m replacing my XT60 connectors because of inconsistent current and one has burnt out. apparently this has been fixed in the last few months, but I’m getting new replacements.


    I had problems with this as well, but only in the Y direction. I have a glass bed and have since heard that the added mass makes it that much easier for the y axis to skip

    Sam CampbellSam Campbell

    Creawesome mod for Cura seems to be working well. It’s slowed down the overall print speed by about 50% but the brim is easier to remove.

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