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Door placement (heavy walls)

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      Michael Lundstedt


      I’ll get my printer any day now so I’ve started planning out my dungeons. In my mind, the standard room I want is a 2×2 floor tile size (4×4 squares, just as a standard WHQ room). However, from what I can tell, the doors/archways has to be places on 1 tile meaning that the door will be offset in the room. Is it possible to place them “between” two tiles? I hope my explanation makes sense…


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      Nicholas Jebson

      Hey Michael. I think i know what you mean, you want it so that the door sits in the center of the wall rather than directly in front of one of the two tiles in the room.
      What you will want to do is print your door, and rather than print an A wall to go with it print two IA walls, then clip them either side of the door. this will position the door in the center of the room for you. I have attached a quick pic of exactly which wall in the Heavy Walls set you want.
      IA heavy wall

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