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Concerning magnetic mats

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      Im about to acquire some STL files from printable scenery and Ive notice some pieces of magnet can be put under several pieces in order to make a non moving ground. Thing is I have my own forest type sheet (see thumbnail) that I put my accessories on and we just try to be careful not to move anything..

      But is there magneti mats ? what do you guys have /use ? Are there magnetic mats with forest/stonepavement/sand design to it or you just attach your magnetic mat with whatever is youre playing on (like my mat im using on thumbnail)?

      Thanks for your time in advance, just discovered this was a thing 😛

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      The magnetic clips are for attaching one piece to another piece, rather than to the underlying surface.
      They replace physical clips.

      See for an example of how the physical clips are used.

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        oh i see..

        thank you ^^

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