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Clorehaven & The Goblin Grotto

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      So what are people’s ideas that we may have in store for you as part of this new Kickstarter before we launch? What are some of the cool stuff you think might be possible with new OpenLOCK pieces.

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      Really looking forward to this next kickstarter. You guys make amazing designs, and the Clorehaven building (if it’s indeed a modular tudor-building set) is exactly what I was hoping for. Being able to design a tavern to fit roleplaying needs is so crucial, given where half of adventures start out anyway! I will be really interested in whether you will have any pieces for temples/churches/monasteries, as currently the gothic patterns, while gorgeous, are too ostentatious for your local church. It would be great to have something “in between”. Will you have modular ruins for Clorehaven buildings? That would be ideal for those looking to make settings in Ravenloft, or AOS undead armies & etc.

      I’m sure there are bigger fans of goblins than I, but what really appeals to me about the Grottos potential is having more “negative space” for water/lava/acid/abyss. Making stalagmite structures connected by rope bridges would be an awesome counterpart to the elven eyries.

      Keep up the great work!

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      Turtle Beef

      A more modular Tudor/fantasy building system would be great. What has been challenging so far, with 3d printing fantasy buildings is printing a very high multi-storied building. I want to be able to actually pull off an 8 storied building and have it look varied. Not looking like one big boring flat box with no character. I want one side to stick out with some sort of weird pulley system, another side to have all sorts of windows and yet another side to be sunken in. Basically lots of variety. Another thing that would be neat to see in Clorehaven is a sort of bridging system connecting one 4 story building to another high building.

      As for the Goblin Grotto, I’m not sure, perhaps seeing terrain/buildings that look like a goblin army had a fort? So to be able to have a “big” (for goblin standards) town full of goblin crafted buildings. In otherwords, bad construction quality buildings. Maybe some crafty traps secret underground passage ways and under ground structures?

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      Complex multistorey buildings…
      Between buildings bridge system…
      Goblin buildings…

      We may have a lot of things you are looking for.

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      The big question is…

      We were told back in 2017 a way to expand the slate roof system beyond 4x(x) would be made available and that never came to past. Will the Clorehaven roof system allow us to make complex roof systems. I see no risers flats or parts making this possible in the drawings. 4 by X buildings can only be so complex before they look out of place…

      From the Q&A section for the slate roofs:
      “Does anyone know how to make a roof for a room that is larger than 4″ wide? I don’t know how to fill in the flat gap.”
      To which a response was made:
      “Ill need to make a riser for this. ill add it to the updates”

      No riser was made. Now comes the next Kickstarter I received a comment pertaining to making roof tops larger than 4xX stating:
      Yes, This will be in our next Kickstarter.

      Unless I am missing something looking over the latest Kickstarter, Clorehaven & the Goblin Grotto, which includes roofs I see no parts in the drawing allowing us to create a roof with a footprint larger than 4xX.

      PLEASE fix this hell even if you cannot figure out how to make the angled pieces fit a flat roof piece would be greatly appreciated!

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      • This reply was modified 4 years, 11 months ago by joe.
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      The roof system turned out to be a bit more complex. However, we’ve been working on number of different roof systems and we have a new concept done with some testing and it will be a free stretch goal. The roof angle will be very different and feature risers and have a number of different apex configurations. It’s a few stretch goals away.

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