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Clorehaven and the Goblin Grotto model variants

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      Matt Barker

      This is a list of small model variants in addition to the Free Stretch Goals we have so far. These will apply to either existing pledge items or free stretch goal items.

      Feel free to suggest stuff and we’ll add it if it’s cool. we’ll post a new comment every little while in the comments with an updated list and a new version number.

      1 Dungeon Transition: Clorehaven to Quarry Stone
      2. Crypt/Stone/Castle/Wood floor fake insert for Deadly Traps Add-On
      3. LED insert alcoves for Magic Mushroom Trees
      4. Schist Q-Wall (4″ long)
      5. Alternate floors for traps
      6. Water effect PDF with and without 1 inch marks
      7. Separate grates that can be used across E floor and in grotto corridors
      8. Spider web scatter
      9. Tree stumps
      10 Extra clip caps for stone, wood
      11 Transition grotto to sewer
      12 Painting guides
      13 Hex floors with schist wall Hex Floors with cavern walls
      14 Hanging sign with ‘blank’
      15 Ruined floors for the wood and stone
      16 Town statue of Samuel wearing his wizard cosplay outfit
      17 OpenLOCK ended grotto floors !
      18 LED Fireplace adaption
      19 Shanty house on cavern floor and separate
      20 Alternate wide transitions between stone and cavern
      21 Sign post added to town scatter
      22 Mushroom and crystal mix floor
      23 Bookcase secret door for the library
      24 wooden door insert for lifting castle gate & barn doors
      25 Boarded up windows
      26 Shanty tower standalone tower without wooden house
      27 Traps blank floor can also take the 1″ trap door
      28 Rickety bridge option with a few removed planks (more dangerous)
      29 empty bookshelves options
      30 piles of books scattered around the floor
      31 Exterior stairs adapted from Winterdale townhouse
      33 Double doors for castle Stone
      34 P and Z schist and tudor walls and
      35 Sacrificial stone block from aztec ruins mounted on grotto floor
      36 Rickety Bridge Extensions (without posts)
      37 Ruined roof parts
      38 Grotto transition to the Dwarven Walls/Floors
      39 Low Heavy Stone O-Column
      40 Heavy Stone Full Height to Low Wall Transition A-Wall
      41 Transition sand to grotto
      42 A Heavy Stone Torch Wall with the brazier
      43 Removeable manhole covers for street sections
      44 Dungeon Transition: Grotto to Sewers
      45 modular roof chimneys
      46 low heavy wall scythe trap
      47 4 x 4 tiles would be good to do for Clorehaven and OpenLOCK grotto parts
      48 Fallen gnarley tree
      49 Blank OpenLOCK Riser Block
      50 Boarded up versions of the roofs
      51 OpenLOCK end piece with a slope to ground
      52 Straight section for the Dias
      53 LED torch wall for Tudor and Schist wall

    • #154852
      Lisa Kellogg

      You said in the comments that you would add ramshackle schist 🙂 it didn’t make this list just reminding you. I want to build my slums.

      • #154885
        Matt Barker

        @ Lisa, yes that’s true, Ill add those to the list

    • #154884

      Would additional texture rollers be possible? wood, schist… I suppose other textures from this set might be more difficult…

      • #154886
        Matt Barker

        @Panderps, Ill check that to see if we can easily make some more of them

    • #154915

      Is it possible to LED the blacksmith forge? I’ve posted in a couple places, wasn’t sure best place to post

    • #155058

      For all of the LED optons throughout this KS, is there a particular light that is insertable? Amazon Link?

      +1 on the texture rollers!

    • #155178

      If there might be a water PDF, how about a lave one too!

    • #155479

      I’d love a textured ‘base’ plate for the Gnarly trees that’s like the Citadel Woods.

    • #155598

      Any chance we get LED torches for the cave walls too?

    • #155844

      And beehives, please 🙂
      they would work for the gobbo’s and the humies.

    • #157467

      A quarry to mine wall transition? They’re similar thematically, but I’m concerned about how they’ll match.

    • #157535
      Spoon Fed IQ

      If it wouldn’t be too much trouble, I would like to see wooden partitions for livestock. I am so looking forward turning that stone barn into a livery stable in town.

    • #172803

      Now that the terrace housing came out, I realised a nice variant:
      There’s a schist street support, but how about a tudor street support variant?

    • #176567

      Hey Matt and Sam, would there be a raised crystal cavern available to go with the crystal caverns as well? 🙂

      Just as there are both shroom caverns and raised shroom caverns.

    • #177623

      Speaking of Raised stuff…I’m looking to use the raised grotto to create Lost Mines of Phandelver Cragmaw Hideout. I would really like to be able to put pieces slightly higher than other pieces, perhaps using risers or something. I would also like to be able to put pieces together to make larger rooms. Would that be possible?

    • #177872

      Re: Blacksmith @swcunliffe We’ll have a look at that when it gets deisgned

      Re: LED option It will be a small LED light and battery, we’re finalising the details soon

      Re: Lava PDF @mokumegallery A great suggetion.

      Re: Texture base plate @Allari That’s something we can possibly look at doing.

      Re: Cave Wall LED torches @1776 Possibly if we have enough time.

      Re: Beehives @kagbb Probably in another kickstarter at this stage

      Re: A quarry to mine wall @Cratesbane this we could add in easily.

      Re: Tudor Street Support variant @mikejay Possibly if we have enough time.

      Re: Raised Crystal Caverns @jonathanquek maybe, this list is about small tweeks and that set will take a lot more time as it’s a complete stretch goals worth of work.

      Re: Raised platforms and ramps @dreadknot69 This was one of the stretch goals. We will be doing this.

    • #178126

      @Sam Campbell Thank you for answering me. Just so I’m clear though, are you referring to the Raised Grotto and Raised Mushroom Grotto stretch goals? I was hoping that there’d be a way to raise them even higher so that I could have one ramp up to another piece. As another request if there’s a way to fit them together to make a larger raised cavern, that’d be great.

    • #178228

      @Dreadknot69 No I’m not referring to the raised grotto pieces. This is part of the Grotto Ramps & Columns Stretch goal.

      • #178269

        @Sam Campbell Ah, okay, I found the Stretch Goal you are referring to. I’m not sure it’ll do what I want but then again, there is probably more to it than what’s shown on the thumbnail. Given that it’s not listed in even at least the 3D design phase, I’m assuming it’s very unlikely it’ll be ready for xmas? I need to get the caverns ready by then.

    • #178596

      @dreadknot69 It’s sceheduled to start design soon but wont be ready for christmas.

    • #181960

      Hi Sam,

      Could we get a hanging sign with a bed and also one with a beer symbol on it? 🙂


    • #183478

      Hey Sam, hope you are having a great Christmas! Would like to check if it is possible to have a variant Tudor Wall A with Corbel design similar to Tudor Wall Window with Corbel (Option 2)? Just with the tudor wall replacing the window segment in the middle.

      Thanks! 🙂

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