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Clorehaven and Rampage Castle

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      I wanted to ask if the Clorehaven parts would work with the Rampage Castle packs, I wanted to use the curved Rampage battlements but before i bought it wanted to see if the two were compatible. And if there is a molder that i can design all this in before i print out 80+ parts

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      Nicholas Jebson

      Hey Insanejigsaw, As they are both Rampage sections they do work together, though the base of the Clorehaven pieces are slightly wider on the outer edge than the Rampage castle. I personally use Meshmixer when I am looking at putting together display pieces in the office.

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      Winged Horizon

      @Nicholas I’m downloading Meshmixer now. Does it work with any pieces (I’m guessing each piece must be manually input into the program).

      I’d like to try to use it to build different types of buildings

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      Nicholas Jebson

      Yeah, any STL file will load up, and it will just prompt you each time with whether you want to clear the current models or add to it. Just pick add to it

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