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Clips Breaking

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      Hal Glick

      I’m a new 3D print enthusiast. I printed out the free castle pack and after some trial and error got the pieces printing in good order. They snapped together perfect and all was right in the world. Then I painted them and went to put them together again and clips no longer seemed to fit. One after the other the clips that fit before snapped. I did prime the inside area, but I don’t think a layer of primer would have made the difference. Any idea what might be causing this? They are resin printed, but there is decent flex to the resin. I’m using a 80/20 fast/tenacious resin mix. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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      Mike Los

      I’ve found in the past that the clips and tiles printed in resin can become brittle in time and are susceptible to breaking.
      When it comes to fitting pieces together you’d be surprised the difference a couple of layer of paint can make. Id suggest if they arent fitting just shave down the clip slightly or scale it down by 1 or 2% when printing.

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