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Clips Breaking Terrain

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      I’m not sure what is happening with my prints or if my settings are wrong, but I just can’t seem to get my tiles to lock together without breaking inside the tile.

      I’m trying to print at 125% size because that works well with my group. If I scale everything up the same, the clip always breaks the tile. I’ve tried printing the clip at 120% and it still breaks the tile. I’ve gotten some tiles to lock together, but they feel like they don’t really snap and lock because the clip is too short to grab on to both tiles at the same time.

      I’m printing on a CR-10 at .3 layer height.


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      Mike Melander

      Increase your percentage of infill and this seems to fix the problem for me on increased tile size. I also had to monkey around with the size of the clip until I got it to work. Also there is a softer design available on Thingiverse (I didn’t make it) that can be experimented with and is less likely to snap features, but can hold better if oversized from your original 120%. Again experiment with the locks until you get the right size. I will provide the link to the soft clip.

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