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Chasm Bridge issue

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      Hey All,

      I’ve been trying to print the Chasm Bridge from the Dwarves, Elves and Demons kickstarter on one of my CR-10s but its very evident that the planks are higher than the four poles. There a millimeter or two above the print surface so when the planks begin to print they have nothing to adhere to.

      Anyone else have this problem and if so did you resolve it? I’m currently trying a print where I lowered the whole bridge into the surface. I report how that works here.

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      Matt Barker

      I just double checked the file pack. There are two versions in the file pack. A ‘flat’ one that prints direct to the bed and one that is to be printed with supports touching buildplate

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        That would solve the problem. I’ll test it out tomorrow night and hopefully report back the results on Wednesday.

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      I doubled checked the file, sure enough there is a folder with the versions of flat bases. I’m about halfway through printing 3 of the Medium Bridges with these flat bases. Working nicely. Thanks!

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      Awesome, it would be great to see pictures when they’re done

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