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Black Ship issues

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    Happy to see a forum for this site, been looking for a solution for the issues shown in the pictures. There are also smaller, though similar loops on the underside of the bow’s railing, where the ropes for the rigging rest. Thought I could simply ignore them or trim them off with clippers since they were small issues, but with the sides of the midship the loops were too big and too many to ignore. I admit I am new to printing, so I don’t fully know what to do here…tips?

    Also been having print adhesion issues, though that seems to be mostly a need to apply an adhesive like hairspray or gluestick down. Third image being a trail floor when I got the printer, compared to now.

    Printer details

    Creality Ender 3
    Slicer: Cura

    Infill: 20%
    Print Temperature: 205C
    Bed Temperature: 60C
    Layer height: .2
    Plastic: PLA
    All other settings default.

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    Made a slight mistake, and not seeing the edit button reappear, so going to upload the final picture I meant to add here, sorry for the weirdness of this.

    Sam CampbellSam Campbell

    I’m looking at a fix for the stringing issues at the moment.

    Avatarthe deadboy

    I also have an ender 3. Stringing for me is always due to uneven bed leveling. The nice thing about stringing is you can clean that up with a wave of a heat gun over the stringing will melt it back into the model. With my black PLA prints it I don’t think stringing stands out if melted back to the model.

    For bed leveling I recommend running CHEPs bed leveling after every 3-4 prints. My ender 3 constantly needs adjusting.

    As for bed adhesion issues, I suggest doing your prints with a brim. The default for prints with Cura is a skirt but that doesn’t really offer any support.


    Managed to fix the print bed issues (Glass one and glue stick) but the wooden sides are still looping, and far too aggressively to snip them off and too thick to remove with a heat gun. Noticed a similar issue in one of the trial wall pieces where the looping hangs under where one of the stone blocks juts from the wall with deeper set pieces beneath it. My retraction settings are set to default for Cura (5mms at 40mm/s) but do I need to up them for anything with wooden paneling due to the odd nature of them?


    I’m having an issue with the loops as well. And it’s only on the ships. I’ve tried a couple different ships with a few different settings in Cura. Now I’ve gone and sliced in PrusaSlicer and I’m trying the Long Boat again to do a comparison to see whether that fixes my issue, and if so, what setting I need to use in Cura to make that happen.


    I’ve had a lot of trouble with the Fluyt. Printing in PLA. The “wood” texture gives a lot of trouble as it approaches horizontal positions around the hull. I’m six pieces into the Fluyt and wondering if it is worth finishing =(

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