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Hi Nicholas, I have been trying my best since your reply to immerse myself in Meshmixer. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to remove the interior of these ww2 buildings. I must really be missing something because it is not working. These 15mm buildings are for FOW and no matter what print setting I try to print them at, things like stairways and window frames refuse to print. One level, that should take 4 hours, on a slow setting, takes 8 hours and still it is a fail. Do you happen to know anyone who you can get me in touch with that is good with Meshmixer to help me figure this all out? I’m feeling desperate as I am a licensed seller and a huge order of 15mm items has come in and I am not feeling like I can produce…or..have you at all tried to print these ww2 buildings in 15mm and maybe I’m not doing the printing settings properly. I get great results on all other catalog items, otherwise…thanks!

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