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Matthew Horbund

I know it’s a year later, and people have obviously been successful. However, my roof has failed 9 times. It’s always on the same part. I’ve turned the roof about 15 degrees 3 times, moved it on the bed, it always fails on the same part every time. I’ve slowed it down, i’ve cooled it off, nothing works. I’m using a Raise3D N2 and slicing with Simpify3d. I’m using 3d FUel PLA at 205 and have done tons of prints successfully, including level 1 and 2 of the tree plus a 100 hour Mage Tower from the Titan Forge Patreon this month.

I’ve even added a 30x30x60 tower off to the corner to force the head to move off the print so that it cools the part. I’ve attached a screenshot of the section that always fails. It does seem to fail around the same spot usually, about the 5.5mm mark

Edit after a while – i tried 4 more prints, adding a raft, changing the initial layer height for more “squish” and even the layer width from 0.4 to 0.6 to see if that helps. if anything its worse now, failing before the first 5 layers.

Has anyone done anything other than just drop this on the plate and print to be successful?

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