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Depending what slicer you use will determine what settings you can change.

I use cura for my i3 mega with a 0.4 nozzel.

If you want speed, 0.2 layer height is your Friend and it really doesn’t look bad, especially when you wack some paint on there!

Otherwise I recommend 0.15 to get a little more detail out without impacting speed as much

Otherwise I print at 25mms first layer which goes up to 50mms for all the other layers.

To save a bit more speed as Well, I do 15mms outter shell and 60mms inner shell (can probs get away with 80mms).

I pretty much only use 10% grid infill.

Oh and prepping your file so that objects are close together, especially taller ones will cut down on travel time per layer and will help battle warping.

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