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Hallowed Mausoleums

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The Hallowed Mausoleum is a set of 3 crypts that comes in 4 sections designed for use in tabletop wargames and role-play games. Sculpted onto mounds dotted with stones and small bushes, they have been designed so most miniatures can stand on them without tipping over. Ideal for any horror or gothic setting.

Designed to print without supports.

This product is part of the Shadowfey Ruins. Please log in if you backed the campaign.

This product is delivered as a .ZIP file pack containing STL files for use on a home 3D Printer.


The nobility wasn’t buried underground like common peasants, rather they made ornate Mausoleums to house their dead. Collapsing under the weight of time these elaborate tombs now lay open to any brave enough to search inside. 


  • 4 October 2021 (version 1.7) Small Printer cuts added.


  • Right-click on the image below and “Save As” to download the reference sheet for this pack.
  • Product measurements can be found in the image gallery.
  • First Published version 1.6

Additional information


10% to 15% for most parts but increase to 20% for thin upright parts such as door frames for added strength

Layer Height

.2 for Normal Quality .1 for High Quality (.2 Layer height is recommended)


Prints without Supports

4 questions for Hallowed Mausoleums

  1. Fabrizio Guzman (verified owner)

    is there going to be a version sliced in smaller parts?


    • Mike

      Hi Fabrizio,
      Generally speaking, if a piece is under 200mm then we don’t do smaller cuts as it will fit most printers on the market. As the Hallowed Mausoleums are all under 200mm in every dimension we don’t have smaller cuts planned.
      What are the dimensions of your printer?


  2. Fabrizio Guzman (verified owner)

    Hi thanks for answering I have an ender 3 pro, it fits the problem is that take more than 1 day to print using your cura profile and I want to print it in that quality, my problem is I have small place and cannot have the printer working overnight , if it’s possible to slice Hallowed-Mausoleums-A-Pt1-v1.3.stl, Hallowed-Mausoleums-A-Pt2-v1.3.stl and Hallowed-Mausoleums-B-v1.6.stl it will be really a big help. thanks a lot!!

  3. William Pitts (verified owner)

    I love these models and am printing them as we speak. Would it be possible for you to add the two smaller ones in an “unruined” state so I can have some variety in my graveyard? The domed one is my favorite and I would love to have it with the wall and roof fully intact. Thanks for all of your awesome stuff!

    • Matt Barker

      Hi William we only made a ruined version of this model

  4. drs.j.m.dijkstra (verified owner)

    same for me, the domed one is awesome! Having one that’s not ruined would be a great addition

    • Jo Boorer (verified owner)

      I will add this to the suggestion list.

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