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Winterdale Citadel

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      I have been having fun with the Winterdale Citadel set. It’s a great set, but I have suggestions (of course).

      1) The Gatehouse should have an option to match the height of the square towers with a low base. As is, when the gatehouse is flanked by 2 towers, there is a height gap with matching tower levels.
      2) I want a tower or wall section large enough to place a Catapult, Trebuchet or Ballista on top.
      3) I used MeshMixer to make tower levels with 2 doors on adjacent sides (to place at the corner of walls). It would be nice to have a T-intersection level with 3 doors.
      4) It would be nice to have an additional lower section for the citadel bridge to match up with double height walls.

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