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      Jason Hodgson

      As well as being a common feature of agricultural townships, the windmill is a prominent scene of a particularly popular gothic-themed RPG I’m playing.

      I’m a recent convert to Printable Scenery from having used a different (and sadly incompatible) system for many years. I printed their windmill model, but in the end was disappointed. This windmill and others like it have a playable multi-level interior, but lack interior details that windmills have. I tried adding these details (stairs for the bottom level, spaces for a ladder in upper levels, grindstone at the base, central pole going through each level, etc) but the task beyond my ability.

      Windmills are pretty unique structures. I simply cannot find one with a decent interior.

      Seeing your work with the observatory, I can’t help but feel that the one your team could make would be a cut above anything else on the market. (Bonus points if the windmill mechanism actually works!)

      Massive fan of your work!!!

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      Nicholas Jebson

      Hey Jason, it is a very popular request so who knows, there might be one turning up in the not so distant future…

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      For whatever it’s worth, I am right there with Jason.

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      Nicholas Jebson

      Well we will be seeing one in the not too distant future, as the haunted windmill has been unlocked in the Shadowfey Kickstarter!

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