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When should I expect access to the files

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      my pledge was taken out this morning but when I go to the kick strteraecion of theprintable scenery website it says there is nothing there should I be looking out for a noter email or am I missing something

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      I have exactly the same question.

      Money gone – nothing in return.

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      They say in the FAQs that Main Pledge files will be made available by the end of July, so you have another six days to wait. The other stuff will be delivered over the next six months they say.

      Printable Scenery have delivered what they’ve promised in the past, and I’m sure they will for this Kickstarter as well.

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      Mike Los

      By the end of this week we’ll have the core pledge files available.
      If there’s any issues with your account settings email [email protected] and they’ll help you out

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        Thanks for confirming Mike. This is my first KS with Printable Scenery since I found you guys so I guess I was a little jumpy. 🙃

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        Mike Los

        No problem Ron!
        We do our best to make sure all the STLs are the best they can be before releasing them, which sometimes takes time. Typically over that six month period you’ll see 2-3 new products each week

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      just logged in to claim the files from the kickstarter. there’s no kick starter credit and everything shows a price. don’t want to doulbe pay. can some one help me with acquiring the files? thank you in advance

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        Mike Los

        Hi Matthew,

        Email [email protected] and we’ll get your account sorted 🙂

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      Looking at the pledge page you should see the option to purchase for $0 (add to cart):

      Once added to your cart you will need to checkout, no payment details required.

      After this the .stl files will show up in your downloads section.

      Two items are now available for download from the core pledges – Hagglethorn Cottage (182MB) and Hagglethorn Homestead (235MB).

      If, when you look at that page, you still see the prices on the items you backed, your Kickstarter pledge may not have been transferred yet. Contact support to see if there are any issues with your account.

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