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      Not sure if this is the right place to post this,. or if it’s been said before, but I’d like to make a suggestion regarding the ability to download multiple files at once, ideally sorted via parent category or some wide branching basic grouping system.

      Something like all Clorehaven files (that are currently owned), all RAMPAGE files, all Lost Islands files, etc.

      A means to download all the currently released and updated (and available to individual) files under such a category would be exceptionally useful.

      Even better if the file that’s downloaded is not a .zip with all the files contained, but individual .zip for each file. Then when downloading that file, if I load it into the same location as my previous download, it could automatically detect the new or updated files and just download those.

      Just something I noticed when doing a mass download again today that I thought would be a nice feature.

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      We have looked at it this in the past and it has been suggested before. The way it operates now is the best optimized way to deliver files, keep track of changes and notify people when changes occur so the files can be downloaded again.

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