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Vase mode printable files

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      Hi all!
      I have a problem. I love using printable scenery models in my LGS and I keep breaking them. It’s absolutely gutting to break finials off rooftops, or other narrow joins on a piece that has taken days to print. I need something I can knock around and cart easily, something basic but does the job of adding to the tabletop.
      Ive been looking for files that can be printed in vase mode (i.e. open base, spiral printing, no retraction, no infill, hollow). What is lost in detail is gained in useability, I no longer need to worry about storing safely and transporting boxes of delicate models to the other side of the city for someone to spill their drink on.

      Is anyone else doing this? Or know of any files which are compatible with this kind of printing?


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      Nicholas Jebson

      Not many of the files were designed with Vase Mode in mind, as it is hard to print without supports. At the moment I personally would up the infill to help with structural integrity, though that only helps so much with some of the smaller detail.

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