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Underwater terrain

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      Keith Hershey Jr

      How about some underwater terrain. Merman buildings, giant clams, etc?

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      To be honest, we haven’t really had a look at that. Buildings Inspired by Aquaman movie and the like?

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      Keith Hershey Jr

      I have not seen Aquaman but terrain that can be used for Warhammer Idoneth Deepkin armies, Underwater adventures from books such as Cerulean Seas from Alluria Publishing. Lots of other various underwater adventures for RPGs.

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        But there are legends richer than that and more truthful than Aquaman ]déménageur Nîmes[/url]
        [url=. You just need to dig a bit and have some patience.

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      Totally in favor of this idea, as I play DeepWars and ShadowSea from Anti-Matter Games. They have started created some of their own 3D printable terrain, but another source for cool printable underwater terrain would be awesome.


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      Water elemental plane terrain as well?

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      This would be amazing. I do pirate themed D&D adventures all the time and have a heck of a time finding underwater terrain. I’m constantly looking at fish tank stuff sales but even on sale they are very expensive. If I get a vote then I say a big heck YES to this one!!!

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      Richard Baker

      Totally +1 on this!!! Would buy in a heartbeat!

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      Nicholas Jebson

      We will keep this in mind

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      YES! I’ve been wanting to put together an underwater campaign, but the idea of collecting enough terrain and buildings, and then altering them to fit the theme correctly… it seems so daunting, I’ve only started dabbling in a few minis.

      Some ideas I would LOVE to see, and have been actively looking forL
      – Buildings (or a village of buildings) made of various coral
      – maybe an “Atlantis” style castle or mansion
      – structures made of whale skeleton
      – a crashed submarine
      – shipwreck turned… tavern? Inn?

      If this ends up being something that gains traction, I have several other ideas. I’ll have to check my notes, though, because I side shelfed this idea just due to the huge effort it would be to find all the underwater scenery on my own.

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      Buildings Inspired by Aquaman movie and the like?

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      Nicholas Jebson

      Aquaman, Idoneth Deepkin art, Greco-Roman architecture. These are the things that spring to mind when I hear Atlantis and underwater terrain

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