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TRP system is far too fragile

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      I’ve previously printed out some of the OpenLock single clip system pieces and they work great. Unfortunately, I’m having trouble getting the three port system working well at all. After a 17 hour print of the Dwarven Rampart wall, the post that is supposed to hold the clip in place broke the first time I tried to put in a clip. After a few more prints, this is a recurring issue. ~25% of the time I put in a clip for the first time and one of the two central posts breaks instantly, rendering the whole clip system useless. Am I doing something majorly wrong? I don’t think so, I’m looking at the 3d model and am kinda wondering how anyone could expect these tiny posts to hold up to regular use. The only option now is for me to take the clips with magnetic inserts and glue them into place.

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      Hello Greendragonfire.

      I had the same problem initially. So I switched to this type of openlock clip:

      Less hard and resistant but allowing optimal clipping and printing very quickly. Use the stronger ones of the three and you won’t regret it. Also the magnets are excellent but in my opinion too expensive and require too much manual labor.

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      Play around with the settings when you print your clips. Maybe under extrude a bit so they will fit easier. Also, I am printing with no top and bottom layers, just 2 or 3 external walls and no infill. This way clip will come out flexible, similar to what Paso has suggested in his link to Thingiverse. Also check your print settings, the temperature of extrusion especially and filament quality. I am printing at 230C but that’s because I need more speed, test it on 210 or 220C. So far I have printed about 15kg of TRP tiles and those pillars you are talking about broke of in maybe 4 tiles, which were printed with 3-4 years old cheap filament. So definitely there is a room for improvement.

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      Hi Greendragonfire,

      Yeah, I’ve had the same thing happen to some longer prints which can be frustrating. Improving layer adhesion can help (, but it can be difficult to balance settings for good detail and good adhesion. I’ve also used the springy clips paso_fabri recommended. I like them but sometimes I find the connection has a little too much give. I ended up moving to magnet clips.
      The printable scenery ones are great and provide a strong connection, but they require a bit of work.

      I also designed my own magnet clips if you want to check them out on thingiverse ( The advantages of these are that they don’t require glue and they automatically line up the polarity of the magnets so orientation doesn’t matter. The magnets are definitely more expensive than the standard clips though. With this clip, however, at least you can reuse the magnets later on. I’m close to updating the thingiverse file with some alternate designs that increase the connection strength and some for ball magnets.

      Hope this helps.

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