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TRP Heavy Door — Cool Dungeon Options

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      It’s so easy to swap out the metal grate with the standard door. Love it.

      That said, I would very much like to see the following options that would be useful in dungeon crawling adventures:

      #1 Solid Iron Door like the one used in Heroquest
      Demon Face Door like the one on Tomb of Horrors
      Jail Cell Door (with a little barred window at the top)
      Wizard Pentagram Door
      Skull Door
      Magic Mouth Door
      Dragon Head Door
      Star Pattern Door

      I think these would be relatively easy to make and would bring a lot of fun to the game.

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      One other cool idea would be a Guillotine Trap Door (like the one used in Darklight: Momento Mori.)

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      Like lots of door insert variants. I can see this being very flavourful.

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      Another door option that would be helpful is just a “Walled-Off Stone Door. ”

      This would be really helpful for games like Heroquest where you want some of the “Fog of War” effect of dungeon exploring to not always bring you to an actual door within an archway. What you find is a dead end, or a sealed off door.

      This might also create some interesting possibilities for secret doors or excavation. Some THING was trapped behind this wall for a reason. Do you dare you dig it out to find out?

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      We are considering some of these for next Rampage kickstarter.

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      That’s Awesome!

      The interchangable nature of these doors (as opposed to the more fixed hinged doors) make them the perfect, flexible option.

      I can see why Architects of Destruction chose this model as their sort of go-to dungeon door.

      Having used both hinged and the slide in/slide out style, I much prefer these with actual gaming play at the table, as the swinging door creates a bit of an annoyance when actual miniatures are standing around them.

      Interestingly, you might get some great market synergy off of these doors being fully compatable with AOC’s.

      They’d give all of the backers of that Kickstarter increased options for the doors they already own.

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