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Top Plate?

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      What to do about walls with top pins?

      I’ve got walls with top pins and they aren’t multi level or have roofs. The flat non-textured surface with pins sticking up just isn’t as appealing as I would like it to be.

      Is there a top plate that I’m not seeing that covers up the pins and finishes off the top or is looking at all these walls with pins sticking out of them what we have to cope with?

      I would think a wooden timber top plate would be a good resolution.

      Do the exist and I’m missing it? Is there any alternative to adding roofs or another wall section on top?

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      You can remove the pins if needed. They’re not essential.

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      Nicholas Strugnell

      You could use something like A-Wall-Schist-Low-Battlement from Clorehaven Modular Battlements and A-Wall-Schist-ClipCap-Horizontal from Clip Caps to then blank the clip holes on the battlement.

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      Nicholas Jebson

      Either of these two suggestions work fine. I tend to clip any unnecessary pins with a flat edged clipper or plastic clipper if I feel that they are not necessary for the model i am building.

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      ken williamson

      I am wondering the same thing… the ideas posted a while ago make sense but why would they be designed like this if there was not a purpose?
      The tops are “flat” with no design and have multiple nubs or pins as though they are to hold something in place.

      can anyone point me in the direction of what the design purpose was for these? seems like a waste of material and design space if they are for nothing.

      thank you!

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      The pins are there to help align multi-level buildings or roofs, and do work quite well at this.
      If you build something that has multiple vertical levels, these pins help you easily stack them in proper alignment.

      In instances where they do not quite align, as noted in another post above, they are easily removed with some clippers… you could also just crop them in your slicer program.

      some walls have pinned and non-pinned versions by the way.

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