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Tile layout/builder worksheet


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      My girlfriend and I made this Excel worksheet last night to help me track which tiles I need to print for a dungeon, because I had lost count of what I had printed and what I still needed to print and design.

      It’s just an Excel sheet formatted into a grid with each square representing 0.5″. Tile types are defined as blocks of merged cells with unique names. I copy and paste the tiles I set up in the lower left into the dungeon layout area defined by the blue line.

      In the top left, it’s got a list of all the floor types needed in the dungeon (mostly, there’s a couple of tile types I ended up not using). It does include a couple of custom pieces that I modeled up for the dungeon, such as the “I Rub[ble]” and “EA + Columns”. Column I does a COUNTIF function looking for each tile type in the blue-line layout area, and counts up how many of each tile type is needed. Column L is a count of how many I currently have. Column O subtracts how many I have from how many I need, and gives a count of how many I need to print, and marks the cell red if the number is positive, to catch my attention. For instance, in this saved version, I need to print 16 more 1″x1″ “I” tiles (finishing up on the printer now).

      It’s been *super* helpful for me trying to figure out what I still need to print for a dungeon, and maybe it might be useful for some of you as well. 🙂

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      That ‘s pretty cool. Something I might have to use myself.

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