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Tile improvement suggestions


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      I just wanted to give you some ideas for improvement if I may in regards to the rampage system. I will keep it short.

      – As SLA/DLP printing is getting cheaper and/or some people might have access to better slicing software for FDM, I think it would be great if you could offer a version of your tiles without build-in supports. Some might have an easier time with removing custom supports generated by i.e. Simplify3d, and on SLA/DLP process those supports are unnecessary, but removing them might shatter parts of the tile (some resins are like that).

      – Having a slight bevel (0.5mm) on the bottom surface would improve printing experience for those who still don’t have printers with auto bed levelling and their first layer sometimes comes out smooshed against a bed. Having this bevel would eliminate the need to remove the burr from printed pieces before assembling tiles, and I believe would not compromise the structure of the model in any way.

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