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Suggestions on painting PLA models

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      Davide Tampellini

      Hello everyone,
      I’m writing here seeking for some assistance on painting PLA models. I’ve tried several different primers (even Army Painter one) and different colors (including Citadel official ones), but my paint is always “sliding” on the model, instead of sticking to it. I can clearly hear the paint saying “Nope” when I
      At this point I think I’m doing something wrong.. any clues about it?

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      Nicholas Jebson

      Hmm, we tend to use a lot of Army painter and Rustoleum sprays for our ones, using citadel sprays only when we run low on the others.
      99% of our models we spray in black and use drybrush techniques on, though the new Sanctuary-17 pieces we used white for.
      You can always try giving it a wash in luke-warm, soapy water and letting that dry, just to make sure there isnt any debris or oils that are stopping it sticking.

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      Davide Tampellini

      mhm… thank you for the suggestion.
      I tried to apply two coats of primer, but no joy. Color sticks only if I apply a ton of it (basically I’m “depositing” it on the piece instead of painting it).
      I’ll try wash it with soap and alcohol, let’s see how it goes.

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      Nicholas Jebson

      Let us know how you got on

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      Odd.. could it be the PLA you are using maybe? Maybe some odd additives in it?
      Or are you doing anything to the material after printing, like acetone smoothing?

      I print with Hatchbox PLA, and have had no issues painting whatsoever. I don’t wash or anything, that’s usually only needed for molded plastics, to get rid of the releasing agent.

      I prime with the Rustoleum 2X paint and primer spray for priming. just a single base coat. I find it to work best if you let it dry overnight to get rid of any tackiness.
      For the actual painting, I use Army Painter for large areas, and Citadel Color for details, metallics, and shades.

      But haven’t had any problems with the paint sticking at all… applies fine and drys pretty quick.

      Maybe try a different PLA??

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      Nicholas Jebson

      Yeah the PLA that i use at home (sorry cant quote the brand off the top of my head) seems to just suck up the paint and dries super quick, so i have yet to have the problem with paint flaking unless i drop my piece before i can get a sealing coat on the exterior paint

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