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Stretch Goal Ideas

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      Let this thread commence with all humble salutations, requests, homages, tributes, utterances, soliciting, imploring with gleeful trepidation, entreaty of those whom are most high petition the bearers of the realm of Hagglethorn Hollow to the ideas, propositions, proposals, and furthermore recommendations for consideration to possible stretch goals.

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      I would like:
      – Flower/tree planters for and with domesticated vegetation
      – Doghouse with dog/dogs
      – Chickencoop
      and of course 🙂
      Tree creatures, great and small!
      feel free to make those a huge addon, I will happily pay extra for those!

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      Zombicide Black plague tiles. That would be awesome

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      Brian Etty

      Guard Shacks full and ruins.

      Think small hut like you would find at a road check or something similar.

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      I too would like to see the tree creatures as an add on for an additional pledge rather than as an SG.

      SGs I would like to see:
      the wall, gate and parapets from the Tested video with Adam savage
      damaged/ruined versions of the above
      scatter terrain and animals modular from the oxen and pig pen SGs
      occupation type attachments for the small ground floor. something like a sharpening wheel, forge and anvil on a base that con be interlocked with the base of the small ground floor for a blacksmith. targets bows and arrows for a fletcher… apothecary
      I second the idea of a market square mentioned on the KS

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      Although I might step on some toes here, I would say zombicide tiles are very specific to people who actually play zombicide and should if included dare for be an addon.
      As far a a blacksmith goes, there is a very fitting set already available in the clorehaven files.
      I very much second the fletcher and the apothecary, mostly the apothecary as that one has many uses
      there is already a small hut, but more of thoe are always great!

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      I am hoping the figures, totems, and stone wall faces that were stretch goals in the first Kickstarter are offered as add-ons rather than stretch goals, and that they won’t be exclusive only to the first group, considering all the work that went into them.

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      Magnet hollows for us to add magnets?

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      I would very much like to see an apiary, they are very seldom done and very important livestock!

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      Might we see the sundial and small statues that were with the original Kickstarter?

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      For the furnishings I could you add a wood burning stove to cook on?
      and maybe other kitchen stuff.

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