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Street supports

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      Hey guys,
      Question, I tried to print the street supports upside down, because my printer is having problems getting them to stay on the printbed.
      I noticed though, that the woode beam is just about 0.2 mm taller on the side of the wooden column, which causes the scist column to be a mm above the bed.
      Is there a reason why that is the case? Is it perhaps possible to make the top flat so that it’s possible to print it upside down?
      Kind regards

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      Most of the support beams have a little lip on the end to help hold the upper floors (roof) in place. If that’s not important to you, you can drop the column down 0.2mm (or whatever height that lip is) below your print bed. Anything below the bed won’t be sliced/printed.

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      I haven’t tried to print the street supports, yet….so it might not be the lip I’m referring to that’s the issue, here. However, you can still apply the tactic I described above to make the top flat to suit your needs.

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