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Star Wars Legion, Kashyyk table

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      Just found the site, wow. Amazing content here.

      I’m currently building a Kashyyk table and am looking for suggestions on which pieces would best fit that theme. I love the design of the trees, they all look very similar to what we see in the movies/video games on Kashyyk, very gnarly with obscure and twisted branches. Tons of character.

      I was specifically looking at the tree fort/platform trees in the Rise of the Halfling kickstarter.

      These are a bit straight up/down, but they seem to be the right size on the table. has anyone printed these yet? Did they require supports? Are they scalable on a 200×200 mm base? Printing with an Ender 3.

      If anyone has any other suggestions I am all for it, thanks again. Great site can’t wait to dive in.

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      Mike Los

      I’ve printed a few and they don’t need supports. One thing I would recommend to add variation is to heat and bend them to add new shapes.
      It might be a bit difficult to bend the main tree trunks but the platforms, walkways and tree branches can all be bent by applying some heat (from a heat gun or even a lighter) and twisting them into new shapes.
      This would give you some variety and make each one unique.

      The Alien Jungle Clusters would also be great for Kashyyk as ground cover and you could print the single plants to add to the trees and other scenery pieces.

      Hope thats given you some ideas to work with 🙂

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